Can I Get Dental Implants in LA During Covid?

Yes, most dental and oral surgeon offices are still open during Covid-19. Both the employees and patients have to take extra precautions. Within the office, they follow strict guidelines from the CDC and ADA to limit any and all risk factors involved with Covid. You will have to make an appointment with a dentist in Los Angeles as no walk-ins are allowed currently. Most of the time it will be recommended that you arrive alone, in order to decrease the chances of exposure or spreading. If someone is needed to accompany you unless medically required, they should wait in the car. 

The American Dental Association, along with the CDC have offered guidance as to how dentists should carry out dental procedures while also ensuring a safe environment. Dentists will put on new or disinfected personal protective equipment (surgical gowns, gloves, face shields, masks) before each patient’s visit. Other infection control practices such as handwashing, sanitizing, and HEPA air filters help reduce contaminants both related and unrelated to COVID-19.

It is a California mandate that you must wear a mask when you come in for an appointment. Of course, you will have to take off the mask during your procedure, but it is best to take all precautions when walking into the office itself. In most cases, you will also have to get your temperature taken when arriving at the dentist’s office. 

Before you are able to make/be seen for an appointment, you will have to fill out a questionnaire or pre-screening form to make sure the appointment doesn’t have to be postponed due to chances of having Covid. 

If you need to take a COVID-19 test, please refer to your State and Territorial Health Department websites listed here: .

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