Can Better Oral Hygiene Help Prevent Covid?

Casey Ledford17 March 2021 (Updated 23 February 2023)

Better oral hygiene cannot necessarily prevent Covid, but it can protect you from severe Covid-19 complications. It is recommended now more than ever that you take your oral health seriously, especially at home. 

Oral bacteria can affect lung function, which can increase the risk of pneumonia and other possible Covid-related complications. Taking care of your teeth and mouth, in general, can reduce the disturbance of oral bacteria and systemic inflammatory response. 

Because of the high transmission rate of Coronavirus and a greater chance of contracting Covid-related respiratory issues in certain patients, dentists implement periodontal screenings and treatments as a way to prevent negative respiratory conditions, especially those included in Covid-19.

Some people may feel that they should ignore minor health concerns because of the inconvenience and fear of leaving the house during this pandemic. If you are having any oral problems you are worried about, you should speak to a dentist immediately. It is best you let a dental professional decide whether or not you need to come in for immediate care or if you have the option to wait it out longer.