All on Four & All on Six Dental Implants What you need to know.

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CDG can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wished for through all on four and all on six dental implants. Do you want to feel happier, more comfortable, and overall confident? Let us help guide you in the right direction to replace a complete set of missing teeth. Your smile can be the first thing people notice about you so let’s make it the best it can be! Learn more about the program here.

Cosmetic Dentistry Grants is a program that offers financial assistance towards a dentistry procedure at a participating dental office. CDG does not provide free or fully subsidized dental procedures.

What are All on Four and All on Six Dental Implants?

Many people may find themselves in a situation where most of their teeth have either fallen out or have been extracted due to dental problems. If this is your case, you may be looking to find tooth replacement options. We have good news! There are many different treatments available in the cosmetic dental industry that present patients with a variety of ways to replace teeth. However, if the majority of your teeth are missing on your top or bottom arches, you may be looking for a more natural solution such as an all on four or an all on six dental implants. 

All-on-4 and All-on-6 implants have somewhat similar treatments. The phrase “all on” refers to the fact that all of your dentures will be attached to these implants. Both provide options for patients who lack multiple teeth. If the patient prefers All-on-4 or All-on-6 implants, the treatment is identical. It starts with implant placement, which will preserve structural integrity and support removable or fixed dentures. Although the implants will be surgically placed within two to three hours, the implants will need some time to integrate into the bone in your jaw. Temporary dentures will be placed during this time. 

If the denture is removable it will need cleaning on a daily basis. If it is non-removable regular dental hygiene along with a waterpik is recommended. As is common with dental implants, the full-bridge of teeth can be cared for in much the same way as your original teeth.

The Difference Between All on Four and All on Six Implants

The clearest distinction between all-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implants is the number of implants in the mouth. Some dentists claim that the all-on-6 dental technique offers a more secure foundation for the prosthetic dental arch, resulting in a longer-lasting, more relaxed smile. Taking into account the mechanisms of biting and chewing, additional flexibility and a more even pressure distribution can help to prolong the life of your prosthetic arch.

Although both treatments are identical to each other and appear to produce similar outcomes in general, there are several variations between the techniques that may cause a dentist to direct you towards one rather than the other. The reasons for choosing one over the other will be discussed with your dentist before the implant surgery takes place. 

All on Four and All on Six Implant Eligibility: Who Can Get Them

Just like regular dental implants, any adult who is healthy enough to undergo dental or oral surgery can receive all on four or all on six implants! Overall eligibility for these specific implants will depend on the dentist’s discretion. The patient’s health history is also taken into consideration. If the patient has a history of uncontrolled diabetes, cancer, blood clotting disorders, drug abuse, smoking, or any immune system problems, they may not be considered for this type of surgery. But don’t worry, there are always other options!

Where to Get All on Four and All on Six Dental Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry Grants (CDG) will help you find a cosmetic dentist in your area that participates in the CDG program, allowing you to get financial assistance with a partial grant toward your dental implants. We will help you throughout the entire process!

CDG does not provide free or fully subsidized dental procedures.

Advantages of All on Four and All on Six Implants

All-on-Four or All-on-Six implants have advantages over a full set of individual dental implants. These implants:

  • Can be placed and restored in as little as one day in ideal conditions
  • Only require 4 or 6 implants per arch
  • Feel & function like natural teeth
  • Fixed into place
  • Allow patients to eat the food they desire
  • Preserve facial structure
  • Are a long-term solution

All on Four and All on Six Procedure: What You Can Expect

Your dentist will make a decision following a detailed assessment and study of your overall health condition, checking x-rays and/or CT scans, and full dental histories. Custom dentures will be created that will match your jawbone and a temporary denture that will be attached on the day of the procedure. Usually, multiple implants take approximately two or more hours to complete under general anesthesia.

How Much Are All on Four and All on Six Dental Implants?

The average cost for all on four dental implants is around $12,000 to $25,000 per arch. The average cost for all on six dental implants is several thousand dollars more than the all on four implants. The pricing on dental implants truly depends on the doctor, the procedure, and the patient’s health. The Cosmetic Dentistry Grant is an opportunity for patients to save money on their procedures. The grant may cover partial payment of the procedure and the rest of the cost can be paid through insurance or out of pocket.

How the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants Can Help You Get All on Four and All on Six Dental Implants

A Cosmetic Dentistry Grant (CDG) is available for those looking to receive all on four and all on six dental implants. The CDG will cover the partial cost of dental implants. Learn more about the CDG and if you’re eligible to get CDG Funding for dental implants. Apply now!

All on Four and All on Six Implants: FAQs

We are asked many questions about the implant procedures, so we’ve answered some of the most common questions below:

How Long Do All on Four Implants Last?

The prosthesis that is attached to All-on-4 implants can last at least 10 to 15 years with careful treatment and healthy oral hygiene habits.

Are All on Four and All on Six Implants Comfortable?

These implants offer complete comfort mainly because they do not add pressure on your gums. You take care of them the same way as your natural teeth, and they work the same way as far as eating and chewing.

What Should I Expect After Surgery?

You can expect your mouth, throat, and jaw to be sore anywhere from a few days up to about two weeks after surgery. Because of this, eating can be uncomfortable or difficult which is why it’s recommended to stick to a liquid, or soft diet during this time. Any inflammation or pain will eventually subside. Analgesics will be subscribed by your dentist.

Does Gum Tissue Grow Around These Implants?

In implant placement, the dentist may choose to cover the implants with your existing gum tissue or place a healing collar on the implant and secure the gum tissue around it.

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From Our Recipients

Due to a serendipitous google search for something unrelated I learned about this opportunity and like a dream come true I will have something that I have wanted repaired for years, repaired. It began when I was 7 or 8, I had fallen on my face and my baby tooth was thrusted into my bone pushing my adult tooth up. Over the years of dental surgery and braces they were able to bring the tooth down but I had a lot of other issues that occured and things were never quite right and I did not have the money to repair it. But now I am and feel thankful and very happy. Thank you for your kind help. This will change my life for the better. Thank you.

Elan Ferguson - New York , NY

I am so grateful for Cosmetic Dentistry Grants. I have been so unhappy with my appearance for many years and thought I would never get my smile back! Thanks to being selected for a $7,500 grant towards my implants, I have been given a second chance. I can now begin a new journey and smile again, I have so much appreciation for all involved.

Kara Maldonado - Laguna Niguel, CA

Dear Donor, I wanted to take this time to reach out and thank you for this grant. This will help me out in so many ways. I will be able to afford my costs to fix my mouth. I will be able to feel better about my smile after all is said and done. This will bring back my confidence and make me feel better when I open my mouth and smile. Thank you so much for the help that you have given me. It makes me feel so happy to know that you are helping me with my goal to fix my mouth. I appreciate everything that you have done for me. It is greatly appreciated! Because of your kindness, I will feel like a new man. Thank you so much again for everything!

Thomas Ryder - Elizabeth, NJ

I am very thankful to have been selected for the cosmetic dentistry grant and to Smile Select for helping me to achieve having a perfect smile. For about 8 years now I have grown up with braces on my teeth up until I needed my baby teeth removed, in which once tooth came down successfully and the other did not. Within time there was no progression and I was finally able to have options in getting my tooth back. Which did not feel possible at first. Luckily I overheard on the radio about the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants program and I have never felt so grateful to have been selected for this opportunity. I finally feel I am able to have a choice in getting the full smile I have dreamed of having. Thank you once again for making this possible for me.

Sabrina Reyes - Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for selecting me for the cosmetic dentistry grant. It will certainly help with the final cost.

Janis TettLos Angeles, CA

Thank you for the help with getting my teeth worked on. I could not be able to get the work done on my own insurance I have. I have been putting off the work I needed to get done. I am very grateful for the grant. Thank you again.

Mark Williams - Littlerock, CA

Thank you very much for selecting me for a dental grant in the amount of $7,500. I look forward to using this grant towards my dentistry and having a nice smile. I've been so unhappy with my teeth for quite a while and this has given me some hope. Thank you!

Nilda Vincenty - White Plains, NY